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September 16, 2016 - He's At It Again In The Midst of The Lunar Eclipse!

He's at it again. Or perhaps I should say, they are at it again. As if it wasn't bad enough that Saturn and Mars had to duke it out the last week of August and into the Solar eclipse of September 1st, Saturn and Neptune are now up there beating each other's brains out for the Lunar eclipse this Friday.

Neptune can look really appealing through a microscope, but act a bit like Poseidon on a bad day. And right now, it is a bad hair day for that giant. Saturn, not known for its tactfulness, is now calling him names, and it's not going over well. I suppose we should be happy they are not as close as the moon to us (like the photos here).

The one thing we notice in the Astrologers' reports is that the eclipse on Friday will throw all of us into change - reportably change for the better. However, a lot like The Fool of tarot, it's a bumpy road on the way out to better times.

I'll let you seek out your favorite Astrologer for your take on the lunar eclipse, but how does Numerology blend in with all of this?

We are still in the Month of Extremes and will be there right through September 30, 2016.

This Friday, September 16th, is a 7/7/7* vibration and yes, it could be seen as challenging. 

7s like their time alone. If they don't get it, they build Walls of China around themselves. And if you persist, that calm, mysterious exterior can explode, sending their audience into shock with, "What's Wrong With Him/Her?" Multiple 7s do tend to bring out that trait a bit faster.

As I see it this Friday, grab onto the positive side of the 7. It wants time alone - you should, too. You should let others be alone as well. It acts a bit like a hermit, asking the big questions of life. It loves research, psychology, observation, detective work, writing, and spiritual studies. It talks little and listens more. Nature calms its nerves, so go outside, if you can.

We're all in this together, so continue to hang on for the ride. It's not forever.