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Full Moon October 16, 2016 - Drama On The High Seas?

In researching the upcoming Full Moon on October 16, 2016, I've discovered it will take place in 23 degrees of Aries.

And if you tap into your favorite Astrologer, you may discover that this could be a time of Drama On The High Seas? Where does 23 degrees of Aries land in your natal chart? What house does it land in?

Consider setting your intentions for the gifts in that particular house starting October 13th. For example, mine is in my 10th house. I have a few needs and desires centering on work and finances that I will sending up to the Heavens.

In the realm of Numerology, the full moon is landing on a 7/8/8* vibration. Though the 7 denotes the Spiritual Healer, researcher, mystery, psychiatrist, and detective, the double 8 definitely knows what it want and when. It's not afraid of making strong, hard decisions and truthfully, the double 8 doesn't really care what you think. You want to cry on it's desk? Bring your own tissue and make it short. It's a bit like Saturn on a not-so-nice day, if you know what I mean.

The double 8 is a good time to set some definite intentions. What do you wish to see manifest in your life? Begin thinking now so that you'll be ready to announce it to the Universe.

As I see it, the Astrological aspects, and Numerology vibrations scream for Sacred Space. Though the waves above appear ominous, ride with it. Think carefully, speak slowly and softly, set your intentions wisely, and be good to yourself and others.