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Making A Dream Come True - New Moon, October 30, 2016

He's methodical, carefully weighs out the pros and cons, and takes the long route to his intention. The slowest moving of all Knights in a deck of tarot, he'll get to where he is going, slowly plodding along a well organized and orchestrated course. He will not fail.

And neither will you. On October 30, 2016, the New Moon will be at 7 degrees of Scorpio and all you have to do is look at your natal chart to find out where that lies. Wherever it lies will be your main focus. For me, it enters my 5th house of pleasure, creativity, and children. We can eliminate the children portion (unless they're speaking of an inner child), as I am not surrounded by any. I am, however, interested in the pleasure and creativity.

After the past several "the sky is falling" eclipses, we're ready for something delightful, inspiring, and optimistic. So start thinking of yours now. You still have several days, and we all practice intention, even when we don't believe we do. What do you think about most days? THAT is intention and that is what you're creating. "Thoughts Become Things". (Mike Dooley,

In the world of Numerology, it's a 3/4/4* day, which is also very methodical in nature. Yes, the 3 has a great time with spontaneity, but the double 4s do not like taking risks. Just like the Knight of Pentacles, 4 creates the Pros & Cons list before each project, and makes sure that every step is sound on its way to fruition.

So, after you read this article:
  • Look up where 7 degrees Scorpio is in your natal chart,
  • Set your intentions in accordance with the theme of your chart and perhaps an additional one here and there,
  • Write them down and/or paste them to your Vision Board where you see it often,
  • Enjoy the New Moon! It's about making a dream come true.
(image: Deviant Art, Knight of Pentacles, admin-fadewillow)