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Numerology Onions - The Number 1

What are Numerology Onions? 

In Numerology, the one digit sum we ultimately arrive at, was created by the addition of two numbers (i.e. 25=7, 36=9, 14=5, etc.).

Should you dismiss the double digits you initially arrived at? I say, No. You may not read them to your client, but it will give you some insight into the background of your answer.

10 - the layers for the Number 1

There are no other layers for 1 except 10. You may say, "But what about 19 or 28?" Add 19 together, it still reduces to 10 before reducing to the Number 1.

We know that 1 is the number of the leader, innovator, inventor, supervisor, independent, and goal oriented individual. It's determined, motivated, and accepts action as it's keyword.

What about the 0 that sits beside it?

0 is the number that represents the Divine in your life. The number alone has no beginning and no ending. Therefore, it represents the concept of God - all knowing, and surpassing all understanding. It is all merciful, and loves unconditionally.

When you receive an answer that first arrives at the Number 10, know that there is an additional spiritual understanding and message for the Querent in the background. It can also be an approval from the Heavens telling the Querent that all is well - go for it!