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Numerology Onions - The Number 4

What are Numerology Onions? 

In Numerology, the one digit sum we ultimately arrive at, was created by the addition of two numbers (i.e. 25=7, 36=9, 14=5, etc.).

Should you dismiss the double digits you initially arrived at? I say, No. You may not read them to your client, but it will give you some insight into the background of your answer.

If 3 appears to be the number of spontaneity and fun, 4 can feel like the number of...boredom...that is, for some. Stable, secure, studious, and minus the element of risk taking, we're playing it safe with this one - at least for the moment.

Let's take a look at the double digit numbers that reduce to the Number 4.

13/4 - The more risky of the 4 combos, 13 is a combination of the "take charge - action packed" 1, and the spontaneous 3. If there is a 4 that would be happy to jump into the mix of things, and take on the world, it is the number 13. Unlucky? Heck no! The 4 is a methodical organizer and before it allows the 3 to take over completely, it'll perform that last Pros & Cons list to make sure it'll come out smelling like a rose in the end!

22/4 - The background of this 4 is very different than the number 13. 22 is the Master Teacher, student, highly intuitive, and incredibly caring. Unlike the number 13, this combo is more dependent in nature and not nearly as animated. Expect to always find this 4 with its nose in a book, or surfing the web for information.

40/4 - And of course, we have the 4 in conjunction with the 0. With all the traits of a four, it is also a business number of Numerology. When this appears in a Tarot spread, we must understand that the 4's positive message is being inspired by the divine in one's life. The individual should look deeper into what they are being asked to accomplish in the world of business, studies, security, stability, finances, and real estate.