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Numerology Onions - The Number 5

What are Numerology Onions? 

In Numerology, the one digit sum we ultimately arrive at, was created by the addition of two numbers (i.e. 25=7, 36=9, 14=5, etc.).

Should you dismiss the double digits you initially arrived at? I say, No. You may not read them to your client, but it will give you some insight into the background of your answer.

5 - Oh my! CHANGE is it's middle name. Please don't allow me to be bored or I'll melt into the Earth. I need adventure, movement, FUN, and God forbid, sometimes drama. I need freedom, so don't cling to me. And heaven knows, I love to hear your story. What is it? I don't care who you are; just tell me your story.

For all of its ups and downs, 5 is the number of compassion. Why? Because deep down, it doesn't give a hoot about your economic status, what you own, what your hobby is. It has time to listen. But not everyday. 

Let's take a look at the double digit numbers that reduce to the Number 5.

14/5 - This combination will have you wondering if it is a 5 vibration. With the stability of the 1 and 4, it surprises even seasoned Numerologists when it first appears. Don't be swayed - it's still a 5. It's also the most independent of the 5s. The 14/5 says, "This home is my castle, and I really don't want you in it. Well...maybe for an hour, then you'll have to leave." If there is such a thing as a frugal 5, this is as close as you'll get, but if there is any drama to be created - WOW! This one will be a difficult one to handle.

23/5 - This is the most dependent of the 5s, but don't mistake it for a stay-at-home combo. It will always battle between staying in one place and searching the world over. This is the LEAST frugal of the vibrations as well. If there are checks in the checkbook, they're spending it.

50/5 - When the 0 teams up with the number 5, look for the softer side of 5. Remember the word Compassion. For all it's craziness, when this combination centers itself, it looks for the good in all, and offers sound wisdom and advice. All in all, it's still a 5, so don't expect to instantly run to the altar with this one.