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Two Question Email Reading TODAY! $25.00

"I don't need an entire reading.
I just want 2 questions answered and TODAY."

You Bet!

Quickly put your mind at ease to all of those unknown questions surrounding:
  • relationships
  • finances
  • job choices, and
  • "what do I do now?"
Your chart tells me where the Universe is leading you on your present path in all those categories, and how to use your talents to get the ball rolling towards what you want!

 Here is what I need for your unique Numerology Chart:
  • Your first/last name as you would introduce yourself to me
  • Your birthdate: Month/Day/Year
  • Your full name as it appears on your birth certificate (include first, middle, & last)
Your reading is approximately 3-4 pages in length - so this IS a bargain while you continue with your day's schedule!

After you send your payment, please contact me with your questions and information above (as PayPal does not allow enough space for communication) by emailing me, or I will contact you as quickly as possible TODAY!