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2017 Numerology Vibration For The Planet Earth

Next year, 2017, we will all be assigned a new Personal Year Number. For example, I'm leaving a 7 Personal Year and heading for an 8. 

But besides our own Personal Year vibration, the Earth is also assigned a personal
vibration and naturally, it trickles down to us as well. So where is the Earth headed?


That's right! It's a brand new 9 year cycle for the planet and that DREAM BIG - TAKE CHARGE attitude is there for the taking. As a 7 Life Path, I'm ready. I love Number 1s.

Here's the kicker, though. No vibration is going to make you do anything. However, you can grab on to the "Take Charge" energy that will be swirling around this planet, and utilize it for your own.

I know you have dreams. What are they? Next year, start working towards them. And as for Baby Steps?

There is that saying, "take baby steps towards your goals." I'd like you to ask any successful business man or woman how slow they progressed when it came to creating their dream. They stopped stepping like a baby around 14 months old.

Work at it! Work diligently at it. Work every day upon it. Keep going! Move forward. If it's not going fast enough, what can you do to speed it up? 

You'll not like every step you have to take, but the faster you accomplish it, the better you'll feel.

If you don't believe the planet will be in a Number 1 mode, just watch the people around you and in the news. Those who vibrate naturally to that frequency will be taking no prisoners.

Be one of them!