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Jupiter Square Pluto Vs. Numerology - November 24, 2016

It may have been right on yesterday, but it's effects will be felt on and off through the rest of 2016 and most of 2017. Don't's only Jupiter square Pluto.

There can be some fantastic financial opportunities with Jupiter Square Pluto, but today I want to focus on the area that deals with philosophy and/or religion. Why? Because our philosophical beliefs affect our everyday lives.

We in the USA can honestly state we have seen plenty of negative behavior this year. While we may think it's a momentary reaction, it truly is how we feel inside. In times of stress, we begin acting out our hidden beliefs.

Jupiter squaring Pluto will ask us to review just how we feel about our spirituality. Does it bring out the best or worst in us? And do we only honor a type of belief because that's the way it's always been?

In Numerology, today is a 7/9/9* vibrational day that's asking us the same thing by bringing together the Spiritual Seeker and the Old Soul philosophy.

You may be busy today and/or have to work outside your home, but try to take a few moments to reflect on your attitudes, and the Universe at present. When the world becomes confusing, how do you react? What behavior do you immediately display?

Have you wished to know more about another faith, philosophy, and/or religion? Take time over the next few days to review what is available throughout the various societies. If what you're following is not making you a better person, it's not working.

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