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Sagittarian New Moon Vs. Numerology Master Numbers - November 29, 2016

The interesting part about the Sagittarian New Moon coming tomorrow is that there is a myriad of explanations of what we may experience (typical for Sagittarius).

My advice is to read the blogs of your favorite astrologers and see what they
have to offer. You may identify with one or more themes and how it relates to you present situation.

If, however, you are seeking the Numerology vibration of the day, there is an incredibly strong energy we will all experience.


Two master numbers will be joining forces and asking us to really take control of our own situations for our highest and best good. 

Should a baby be born on November 29, 2016, this combination will be a permanent part of their numerical blueprint, and much will be expected of them by the Universe.

This is not a combination of seclusion and isolation. It will require that we are either on the learning end of lessons to be taught, or we will be asked to teach from the wisdom we hold - perhaps even both.

And when it comes to decision making, we are required to choose for own highest and best good. Deep down we know what that would be, but we don't always practice it because it's easier to stay where we are. Fear of the unknown can always keep us stuck as we justify why it needs to be a certain way.

The New Moon energy started November 26th and ends on December 2nd. Now is the time to set your fears aside and set your intentions for the upcoming year. if it helps, create a vision board with those dreams and goals attached to it and see what you can manifest!

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