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Super Full Moon and Numerology Vibrations - November 14, 2016

If you hadn't noticed last night, or if you're cloud covered at this particular time, there's a SUPER full moon just ready to shine once again tonight.
The next one will be in 2034, so if you can, run outside tonight and take a look, or jump onto a web cam for an area that's broadcasting it.

The Super Full Moon at 22 degrees of Taurus is bringing a positive note, and allowing you the opportunity to rid yourself of things that no longer serve you.

Look at your natal chart and find out where 22 degrees of Taurus is located. Do you have any planets within 3 degrees of that location? This is the area that will most likely be brought to the forefront, demanding your attention.

Again, comb your natal chart for all your planets within 3 degrees of the number 22. Expect that all these planets will be given an additional boost, so we may feel more concern or pleasure, depending on where they are located. For me, it will include just about all my planets - Yikes!

Take this opportunity today to set intentions. This Full Moon has your back and wants the best for you, so keep your standards high. Don't rationalize when choosing your intentions. Allow the Universe to figure out how you will get from A to B; all you have to do is set it in motion, and start moving in that direction.

In the realm of Numerology, today is a 5/7/7* numerical vibration. As I wrote on Instagram this morning, it's a "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" type of day. (Buffett, 1977) 

Change your attitude; change your life. Change your philosophies and belief system, change your life.

If your attitude is bringing too much negativity into your environment, only you can create a new story. 

TODAY'S RITUAL: Write on a piece of paper all the things you wish to eliminate from your thinking or life at present. Choose your words wisely. (For example, if you write down your ex's name, it may backfire. But you can write "lovelessness"). Take it outside to a safe place (i.e. firepit or BBQ)  and burn it up while setting your intentions. Let them go, and continue your day.

(If you would love to have a Numerology-Tarot reading under the vibration of this Super Full Moon - November 14 through November 17), visit my website by clicking here, or send me an email by clicking here. We'll schedule a time and date!)