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Numerology Vibrations for January, 2017 - 1 Through 9 Personal Years

To find your personal year for 2017, add your birth month, date, and 2017 together. Then, reduce it to one number. For example: If you were born January 25th, you will change the month to a number (January being the 1st month - December being the 12th month) as follows: 1+2+5+2+0+1+7=18; 1+8=9. If your equation adds up to 11 or 22, write it as 11/2 or 22/4.

Personal 1 Year - Personal 2 Month

Here You Go! You're starting a brand new nine year cycle and you are the master of how it will progress. With the 2 Personal Month, it's asking you to choose those things you LOVE. If you don't love it, do you need it? This year is about action - not procrastination or deep contemplation. You spent the last several years trying to come up with a plan. NOW, it's time to start bringing it to fruition. Choose the things you love.

Personal 2/11 Year - Personal 3 Month

This will be more of an emotional year for you, but there's a good reason for it. 2 is asking you to hone your intuition. You may believe that your feelings are turning raw. They're not. You're learning, or re-learning to believe in the still, small voice within when it comes to finances, goals, love, you name it. And January will have you working on communication, networking, and creativity. If you want something, let your friends and the Universe know!

Personal 3 Year - Personal 4 Month

This is a playful/vacation year, but it doesn't mean you won't work. It's asking you to enjoy yourself more, take more breaks, make new friends, take your clients to coffee, network-network-network, work on your communication skills, and have a great time with creativity. But before you start all of that, the 4 is requesting you to wrap up loose business plans. Take care of some bills - pay what you can. Focus. Take a class. And do some of those important DIY projects on your home. You'll have enough time to play later this year.

Personal 4/22 Year - Personal 5 Month

No matter how you feel about 2016, last year was a chance to be more playful. Now, it's time to get serious. This is a business/study year. Your focus will be your job, promotions, schooling, finances, and house/apt./flat projects. January, being a 5 month, needs you to recall all the things you said you'd change over 2016. What do you need to eliminate? What do you need to improve? Make a list, and let's start this month.

Personal 5 Year - Personal 6 Month

Two Words - Sacred Space. Make a place for yourself, inside or outside your home where you can enjoy a retreat from stress. It can only include decor that makes you smile, uplifting music, no bills, no newspapers, no televisions, no bad news, and nothing broken. It doesn't have to be a large spot - a corner of an existing room will work. This is a year of change and some of it may feel uncomfortable. Use the 6 vibration of January (nurturing) to take care of your spiritual, mental, and physical self. Make a space of your own.

Personal 6 Year - Personal 7 Month

This is a year whereby you will focus on relationships: personal, family, business, neighbors, and/or community. If you're looking for a love relationship, this is a perfect year. And with personal relationships, you will be looking at all facets - not just the gushy, lovey-dovey stuff. January asks that you take the month to analyze relationships from last year that you need to address. What needs to be done, and what plan will you embark upon?

Personal 7 Year - Personal 8 Month

Beginning with the Personal 7 Year, you will experience the first of the three heavy-duty years (7, 8, and 9). It doesn't mean they're bad; it means it's time to start looking at everything about your life. 7 is the analyzer/researcher, and January wishes you to focus upon business, finance, and health. You know what your weak points are in these categories, so feel free to research better ways of instilling more security and stability. Grab a tablet and begin writing down the formulas you'd like to try.

Personal 8 Year - Personal 9 Month

It's time to! That's right. 2017 is about business, finance, health, and looking good. Security and stability is your focus this year. January is going to allow you one more month of letting things go - primarily around the categories just mentioned. Perhaps you'll leave your job, or unemployment, behind. Perhaps you'll scrap one self-employment venture for one more lucrative. Or perhaps you'll consolidate bank accounts to make it more streamlined. Choose wisely this year for your future.

Personal 9 Year - Personal 1 Month

You have one last year to wind up your nine year cycle. This is a year of shedding. Whether it's people, places, or things, ask yourself this question. "Is it working for me, or is NOT working for me?" Then, go from there to decide what stays in your life and what leaves. If you're unsure, you'll make that final decision by September of 2017 when double 9s reign. However, that doesn't mean procrastination is a theme of the number 9, and definitely not for the Number 1. The faster you wind things up, the faster you can begin 2018.

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