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Numerology Vibrations for January 31, 2017

4/5/6* Customer appreciation day. Family appreciation day. Choosing a job you love. Choosing a home you love. Taking care of those things in life you enjoy. ------------- 1 Woman's Wisdom

Numerology Vibrations for January 30, 2017

3/4/5* It's the vibration of the journey. Whether an inward or outward progression, don't give up. Keep moving. ----------
1 Woman's Wisdom
(image: The Chariot, Frideborg Tarot

Numerology Vibrations for January 29, 2017

11/3/4* Do what you love - love what you do. Whether relationships or business, where does your PASSION lie? You don't receive rewards for misery. -------------------------------
1 Woman's Wisdom

Numerology Vibrations for January 28, 2017

1/11/3* Yesteryear's networking communication. It still worked. You don't need fancy...Let others know you're out there and what you do. --------------- 1womanswisdom

Numerology Vibrations for January 27, 2017

9/1/11* All things in life weren't for hoarding. If it's not working, go to Plan B or change how you think about it. Then..Act upon it!

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Numerology Vibrations for January 26, 2017

This is a NO PROCRASTINATION vibration day. You've thought about it enough. Just Do It!

What Will 2017 Hold For You?

Not everyone on the planet shares the same Personal Year vibration, but which one is yours? And what is your theme and outlook for 2017? Sign up TODAY for your personal reading.

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Numerology Vibrations for January 25, 2017

7/8/9* Listen (7) to your clients with compassion (9). Share your advice and wisdom (7, 9) the way you'd want someone to speak to you. Listen. ------------- 1womanswisdom

Numerology Vibrations for January 24, 2017

6/7/8* Customer Service. What do your customers want? It's not about you; it's what they want. And remember, "thank you" goes a long way. Think of creative ways to thank your customers. -------------------------- 1womanswisdom

January 27, 2017 - New Moon in Aquarius VS Numerology

This Friday, January 27th, we will experience the first new moon of 2017. Sitting in 8 degrees of Aquarius (check your natal chart to find which house this falls), while Venus squares Saturn, we may tend to be more argumentative or irritable during this time.

Even with all the challenging aspects that Astrologers are stating can cause feelings of defeat, it will also push us to get up and move on those goals and plans we want to accomplish.
So, expect the elements of adventure and enterprise with this new moon. Focus upon these two positives, instead of the lowly traits. 
In the world of Numerology we will be experiencing the energy of the 9/1/2* vibrations. Both the 9 and 2 can challenge us in the areas of depression and loneliness, but it's the 1 that says, "Keep going! Get up! Listen to motivational DVDs, if you need to - it's not forever." 
The 9 and 2 are highly intuitive, yet in different ways. This is a time to trust your gut feelings and act upon them.
If you'r…

Numerology Vibrations for January 22, 2017

What do you need to learn? (22) No, not someone else. You.Take time to research, web surf, or go to the bookstore today. If it's a topic that helps you in life (5, 6), better yet!

Numerology Vibrations for January 21, 2017

CHANGE! Your relationships, your job, your income, your location - don't like it? You're the boss. Change it.

Numerology Vibrations for January 19, 2017

1/11/3* Communications, animation (artistry), and playfulness. Sales meetings go a lot better with a little laughter. --------------------- 1womanswisdom

Numerology Vibrations for January 18, 2017

Stop the excuses. Rid yourself of those things that don't work (9). What are you excellent at (2)? Practice that (1). -----------------------------------

Numerology Vibrations for January 17, 2017

8/9/1* Remember the research you did yesterday? Put it to good use today. The 8 and 1 are not procrastinators - they are charged at making decisions and putting them to use NOW!

Numerology Vibrations for January 16, 2017

7/8/9* There are times that you need to research, interview, make appointments, take a lot of notes, and then come up with a plan. But be ready tomorrow to put it into action!

Numerology Vibrations for February, 2017 - 1 through 9 Personal Years

To find your personal year for 2017, add your birth month, date, and 2017 together. Then, reduce it to one number. For example: If you were born January 25th, you will change the month to a number (January being the 1st month - December being the 12th month) as follows: 1+2+5+2+0+1+7=18; 1+8=9. If your equation adds up to 11 or 22, write it as 11/2 or 22/4.

Personal 1 Year - Personal 3 Month
Are you getting into the swing of things, Personal Year 1? Because this month, you have the opportunity to network and/or communicate what you need in life. Talk to friends and strangers. You never know where your answers may come from. Set this month aside for a bit of travel (local or abroad). Mix business and pleasure with a business trip, or if you're stuck due to weather, do your traveling and networking over the Internet. There is nowhere you can't travel over cyberspace and the use of Skype. Celebrate February with laughter, comedies, play, dance, song, and sharing with friends when y…

Numerology Vibrations for January 15, 2017

January 15 - 6/7/8*
Review your business colors (6) today. Pure red websites are deadly on the eyes! Research (7) and find out how it is affecting your customers and clients.

Numerology Vibrations for January 13, 2017

4/5/6* It's Friday, the 13th of January. Take care of your customers today (6). Send them a note of appreciation. Say thank you to a new follower. Have someone that purchases from you all the time? Send them a gift. Send coupons. Take an hour today and study (4, 6) a new avenue for yourself.

Numerology Vibrations for January 10, 2017

1/11/3* Search and keep your eyes open for opportunities. Network what you're looking for. Communication is key today! --------------------- 1womanswisdom

Numerology Vibrations for January 9, 2017 - Steve Jobs


Intuition! Today, trust your gut feelings (2, 9) and put action (1) behind what you feel is right. -------------------- 1womanswisdom
January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs announces the creation of the first Iphone.

Numerology Vibrations for January 8, 2017 - JUMP!

8/9/1* Yes, it's Sunday, but when the clients call (8), it's time to move (1). Neither 8 or 1 are procrastinators, so if creativity hits, JUMP! ----------------------

Numerology Vibrations for January 7, 2016

7/8/9* What's working? What's not? (9) Take those moments of downtime today to research (7) better ways to operate your business. (8) Eliminate those things you know aren't lucrative.

Numerology Vibrations for January 6, 2017

Do you really want a red website? This is the day to find a different design, color, theme, or letterhead that brings out the best for your business. Rethink being the designer if it's not your forte. If you're a designer, feel free to attach your website below in the comments.

Numerology Vibrations for January 5, 2017

January 5th - 5/6/7*
Perfect vibration for researching (7) on the move (5). Use your layover or waiting time today for something constructive that will help you now or in the future. -------------- 1WomansWisdom

Numerology Vibrations for January 5th, 2017

Typical 5 😃 Travel while researching or networking. Multitasking! Whether for business, education, or relationships, make the changes you need to be successful. ------------------- 1womanswisdom

Numerology Vibrations for January 4, 2017

Where's your home office? (4) Create one and begin working hard at what you love. They won't know you're out there by wishing and hoping. Get creative ! (6)

"Luke 8:48 A Supernatural Journey of Faith" by Donna Davenport Cox

Recently, a new book hit the Internet shelves produced by Donna Davenport Cox. It's a fantastic true story about her father and his lifetime journey towards healing. I was fortunate to be able to ask Donna a few questions about her publication in the short interview below:
Cheryl:Good morning, Donna! And may you and your family have a very happy and prosperous 2017!
I wanted to introduce your book "Luke 8:48 A Supernatural Journey of Faith" to my readers and would love to ask you a few questions regarding the story.
As I understand it, "Luke 8:48 A Supernatural Journey of Faith" is the story of your father's incredible journey through adversity, and all the miracles he experienced along the way. Can you name one miracle that stood out to you as a child watching him walk this path?
Donna:Oh! I can name several but one in particular was the Angel Visit when he was healed from the kidney stones. Daddy, as I tell in the book, had Luke 8:48 underlined in his Bible. …

Cancer Full Moon - January 12, 2017 Vs Numerology

The full moon at 22 degrees in Cancer on January 12, 2017,  will certainly bring about some tug and pull due to the area of the sky in which it falls. Locating itself right between the Gemini stars of Castor and Pollux (the original Cain and Abel), we may discover inner and outer conflicts to settle. 

Should the outer conflict be one of a global nature, that will be much more difficult to solve. However, we can be the change we want to see in the world. Let us start with ourselves.

The Earth will also be visited by a Grand Cross consisting of the Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. You will not only wish to look at the planets in your Natal Chart affected by 22 degrees, but also the natal houses each of the above planets will be transiting.

The tension it will create will be slowed by Saturn which will provide social order and a sense of security. Pay attention to Saturn's advice and don't fall off the deep edge with negative talk, or unusual d…

Numerology Vibrations for January 2, 2017


Creating home
Whether single or a pair, what can you change to make it more fun (3)? Or, are you thinking of a homebased business ? 2/4 would love to help you!
and so would I! Click Here...

Numerology Vibrations for January 1, 2017

And we're starting off 2017 with the month of the consecutives. Take it easy today! Laugh, play, work on hobbies, and fun DIY projects. "Enjoy" is the theme.