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January 27, 2017 - New Moon in Aquarius VS Numerology

This Friday, January 27th, we will experience the first new moon of 2017. Sitting in 8 degrees of Aquarius (check your natal chart to find which house this falls), while Venus squares Saturn, we may tend to be more argumentative or irritable during this time.

Even with all the challenging aspects that Astrologers are stating can cause feelings of defeat, it will also push us to get up and move on those goals and plans we want to accomplish.

So, expect the elements of adventure and enterprise with this new moon. Focus upon these two positives, instead of the lowly traits. 

In the world of Numerology
we will be experiencing the energy of the 9/1/2* vibrations. Both the 9 and 2 can challenge us in the areas of depression and loneliness, but it's the 1 that says, "Keep going! Get up! Listen to motivational DVDs, if you need to - it's not forever." 

The 9 and 2 are highly intuitive, yet in different ways. This is a time to trust your gut feelings and act upon them.

If you're second guessing yourself, take time to relax with a little sacred space time. Jot down those feelings and intuitive thoughts that keep running through your mind. Then ask yourself

  • is your hesitancy based on reality (something you actually see)?
  • what is the highest and best good that can come from acting upon what you feel is right?
  • how can you be the orchestrator of where this leads?

The Universe offers you the circumstances; you decide how it plays out for you.