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"Luke 8:48 A Supernatural Journey of Faith" by Donna Davenport Cox

Recently, a new book hit the Internet shelves produced by Donna Davenport Cox. It's a fantastic true story about her father and his lifetime journey towards healing. I was fortunate to be able to ask Donna a few questions about her publication in the short interview below:

Cheryl: Good morning, Donna! And may you and your family have a very happy and prosperous 2017!

I wanted to introduce your book "Luke 8:48 A Supernatural Journey of Faith" to my readers and would love to ask you a few questions regarding the story.

As I understand it, "Luke 8:48 A Supernatural Journey of Faith" is the story of your father's incredible journey through adversity, and all the miracles he experienced along the way. Can you name one miracle that stood out to you as a child watching him walk this path?

Donna: Oh! I can name several but one in particular was the Angel Visit when he was healed from the kidney stones. Daddy, as I tell in the book, had Luke 8:48 underlined in his Bible. His reasoning was that some day he would be healed. He read his Bible every day and always spent time focusing on this verse. He told me many times when he prayed that he acted just like he had already been healed, giving God the credit for doing it because he knew he would be. Knowing what I know now, he was actually setting his intent to be healed, but in his words, just praying over the verse. After close to forty years of doing this on a daily basis, he had an encounter early one morning.

I was in my thirties by this time, and when I walked in the door at my old home place one day, my Mother met me and said Daddy had something to tell me. Now keep in mind, up until this point what he'd endured in life. He'd been born with 3 kidneys, had two removed, battled 312 kidney stones, and plagued weekly by kidney colic and hemorrhaging.

I asked what was going on, and he smiled and told me he'd been visited by an angel. Just the day before he'd been so sick he could hardly lift his head up. He'd lost so much blood he was pale and weak. He said he'd gone to bed feeling like he was going to die. He prayed and asked God to please be merciful and take him on because his body was just so tired. He thanked God for his family and a wonderful life but asked to go on home.

He woke in the wee hours of the morning to a bright light in his bedroom. He thought at first it was a car shining its lights, but was quick to realize there was a presence in the room. He said it was the most beautiful Angel and he wasn't afraid at all. The Angel told him his prayers had been heard and he was going to be healed from the kidney issues because of his faithfulness. From that day on, he never once had another issue with stones, kidney colic, or hemorrhaging ever again. His doctors were absolutely speechless and dumbfounded. And to top it all off, when X-rays were made there was no scar tissue whatsoever to show up again, even though his kidney X-rays before showed nothing BUT scar tissue. One doctor said it was almost like he'd been given a new kidney.

Cheryl: I must also add that he had a steadfast belief system and impenetrable faith which would have been difficult for many to maintain with a similar life. I know this is a tough choice, but is there one of your father's life strategies that you find yourself returning to when you encounter challenges in this lifetime?

Donna: Oh most definitely. I saw how Daddy suffered day after day, but he always kept a smile on his face and a kind word for everyone. His philosophy was no matter how bad his day was going and how bad he felt, there was always someone having an even worse day. Many times he would emphasize that to me.

Also, he made a point when I was growing up to teach me how to be resilient, and to weather the storm. Many times I watched him have a bad day, and then he would smile and say how tomorrow would be a better day. One time we sat down to a meal at a friend's house and the friend served some very peculiar looking dish. Daddy ate it with a smile. Later on he said he didn't care for it at all, and when I asked why he ate it, he told me because he knew that it was prepared with love. He said that was just one meal that he would eat out of many, so why hurt that person's feelings when they did the best they could.

Another trait I always admired about him was the way he lifted others up and his positivity about life. People loved talking with him because he just made them feel good, like they weren't alone, and he always took time for whoever came to him. I've practiced this my whole life. I asked him once when I was small, after a man talked his ears off for two hours, why he sat and listened to him for so long. He just said maybe that man needed a friend that day and God chose him to be the friend.

I can't tell you how many people I've sat and listened to through the years pour out their heart, only to have someone come back later to say how much it meant to them just to have someone who cared.

Cheryl: I noticed that the title started Luke 8:48, which in the King James version of the bible reads, "And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace." Was this a message given to your father, or was it directed to you?

Donna: Actually neither. My Dad came from a very religious background, one in which the Bible was always taken literally word for word. Daddy truly believed in his heart because of reading this verse many times, that he would be healed. So much so, that he underlined it in his Bible as a testament of his faith. I stated in my book that because of everything that happened to me, and what I've come to know, I honestly believe it's not so much what you believe, but the FAITH in what you believe in. For Daddy, that meant following and believing in every verse.

Cheryl: I happen to know that you're a very busy lady as you work side by side with your husband. When did you find time to accomplish all of your writing?

Donna: Writing for me came at any and all hours lol, and still does. I can honestly say I never have a set time. I've been known to sit up half the night, write while sitting with someone at the hospital, get in 15 minutes here and there, and even pull over on the side of the road to jot something down because an idea struck me. I know some writers have very disciplined writing schedules, and I think it's wonderful if they can do that, but it's not for me. I truly write from the heart and whenever that still small voice whispers.

Cheryl: For those looking to publish their first book, what few tidbits of advice can you share with them?

Donna: I've learned so much but probably the most important is to find your own voice. Don't write what you think others want to hear; write what comes from the heart.

Also, it's very important to listen to your gut instinct when finding a publisher. Do your homework, and in our internet age that's not hard to do. Before you ever sign a contract, know exactly what is expected of you and what your publisher will do for you.

If you have an unlimited supply of money you can probably afford their advertising packages no problem and they will do the work for you. Most of us don't have that so we have to be creative in advertising. There are many websites out there for writers with helpful advice.

And probably the most important tidbit is be prepared to work at making your book a success. Long before it's ever published, its best to start promoting it on social media so that people can anticipate its release. Writing the book is just one aspect, promoting and selling it is the rest.

You can find your copy of "Luke 8:48 A Supernatural Journey of Faith" by clicking on

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