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Count Down To February 26th Solar Eclipse - Astrology & Numerology

In listening to a few of my favorite astrologers, I've learned that this coming week is not just a challenging aspect week, but clearly in the realm of Astrology, this Saturday gets a bit dicey in the sky.

Perhaps it's because of all the squaring taking place in the heavens. Our Sun in Pisces will be squaring the Moon in Sagittarius, while Saturn and Pluto will be squaring Mars and Venus.

Mars and Venus have been hanging out and dancing in the sign of Aries and that's never mellow. But thus far, they're staying pretty happy.  It's this weekend that Mars takes a second look at Pluto and Saturn, and that's when the arguing starts.

On top of all this, Saturn is yearning to conjunct Pluto (which hasn't happened since 1980-81) but that won't be exact until 2020. The effects, however, will start being felt quite a bit beforehand.

Can we all spell I-N-T-E-N-S-I-T-Y? It's not just the results of the Solar Eclipse on February 26. There's just a LOT of eyeballing occurring in the heavens, and few of them are actually smiling while doing it.

For more information, you can hop on over to YouTube and listen to the full recording of "Leo King Talk: In-Between Eclipses, BE PREPARED, Huge Shift This Week February 13-19 2017, Palmer, 2017,, accessed 2-16-2017."

In Numerology, what are we looking at during this upcoming week? Below is a list of the vibrations for each day beginning Saturday, February 18th.

2/18     9/11/3*
2/19     1/3/4*
2/20     2/4/5*
2/21     3/5/6*
2/22     22/6/7*
2/23     5/7/8*
2/24     6/8/9*
2/25     7/9/1*
2/26     8/1/2*
2/27     9/11/3*

Starting on the 18th, we have a good opportunity to go off the deep end on relationships and family. Not only that, we may choose not to see some of them again (9), so why not just say exactly what we like to help them out the door even faster (3)?

Watch what you say on the 18th as communication will highlighted on the forefront. This is a day whereby social media could be erupting with less than complimentary conversation. It's not worth losing a friend in the process, and it would behoove us to carry that right into Sunday. 1 and 4 never make good bedfellows and it's always an argument just waiting to happen.

Monday brings out the whininess and probable martyr/victim stance of the general population, after all, "look at what all those people said all weekend?" The rest of the week looks pretty decent.

My advice as we head towards Sunday, February 26th, (and our solar eclipse), is to chill, take time off of the Internet as much as possible, focus and work on projects you love, and think before stating your opinion on.....anything.