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Lunar Eclipse of February 10, 2017 VS Numerology

It's time for Love and Money!

From the predictions of my most favorite astrologers, we have some serious positive aspects that will serve us well into August, 2017.

Check to see where 22 degrees of Leo and 22 degrees of Aquarius lie in your natal chart to fine tune what's coming down the pike for you. Rest assured, opportunities are coming - if you have the courage to ask for, and accept them.

Under this eclipse, "you may feel a strong urge to react, or rebel anything that is stopping you from having fun and doing what you want." (Lunar Eclipse 10 February 2017 Practical Magic, Partridge, February 2017,, February 10, 2017). Emotions will run high over the next few days, so take some time out for Sacred Space if your surroundings become a bit tense.

It's time and we're ready to take on the challenges and responsibilities of our relationship/financial dreams. But! Will we act upon it? There is no divination art in the world that will pull us out of our chairs and make us do anything.

Make your plans NOW as to what your strategy of action will be over the next six months.


February 10, 2017, is a 1/3/4* vibration and believe me, I don't really like to see this joined together in a relationship couple. It indicates two bosses in the same household, and you know how well that works. 

In the situation of following and attaining your goals, it's dynamite! If there is anything that will get you up and moving, it's the "take no prisoners" combo of the 1 and 4 energy.

Sometime today, participate in a simple Full Moon ritual by writing down on paper all the things you want to leave your life. Examples would be: a single lifestyle, a job that doesn't financially satisfy my needs, living in my present town, and a host of others. Then, take the paper outside and read it with personal intent to the Universe (silent or aloud). Lastly, in a SAFE place, burn the piece of paper and allow those intentions to return to the Divine. Simple, isn't it?

Kick back this evening and enjoy the beautiful full moon (if it's visible in your area). You have planted your seeds, and will now begin a new chapter by tomorrow!