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March 4th, 2017 - Venus Retrograde - Love and Money!

I wish I could write that every single one of us is in for a perfect ride during the upcoming Venus Retrograde. After all, "love and money" is the prediction, and what better phrase could there possibly be?

From March 4, 2017 to April 15, 2017, Venus will take her leave from 13 degrees Aries (check your natal chart for which house this occupies) and head retrograde toward the Pisces Pileup of this past week. It ultimately stations at 27 degrees Pisces before going direct once again.

According to some of our favorite astrologers, this could mean new love on the horizon. It could also mean revisiting an old love affair as well.

HOWEVER, in both cases, we are told that if you are one of the folks in this situation, you might have to work a bit like The Fool in Tarot - expect a few bumpy turns and be sure to practice your best behavior to make it work. It's not just going to be handed to you.

Money? This is not necessarily a great time to make a major purchase, but paying off debt is fantastic. Even if you can not pay off the entire bill, $10 per week additional is "paying off the debt". Go for it!

I suggest tapping into your favorite Astrologer to find out all the other advantages of this upcoming retrograde period, and how it will affect your chart.

In the world of Numerology, March 4, 2017 starts off this period with a 4/7/8*. What could spell out finances better than the financial powerhouses of 4/8? Their message is that you will have to work hard for the money, but there will be investments at the end of the day. 

If you keep a Vision Board, choose to place a few photos illustrating what you wish your financial future to look like. Setting intentions regarding business and finance would be very appropriate on March 4th.

4 is also about "the home" which typically is where our heart lies. If you're looking for a special someone to share your home, write down all the attributes you would like to see in this partner. Look at it often, and read it at least once per day throughout the six weeks.

For those that like to perform these functions under the full moon, Venus will still be in retrograde on March 12, 2017 during the Virgo full moon. In Numerology, that particular day will be vibrating with a 3/6/7* energy. It's time to talk (3) to your Guides (7) about the concept of family (6).

With five days away from Venus retrograde, take the opportunity now to choose what you want in your life, and start making a plan on how to manifest it. Also, take a little time to enjoy the power of Ritual (red/pink/white/green candles, rose incense, Vision Boards, etc.). There's nothing like adding some playful enjoyment to honor the Planet of Love!