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Numerology and Zip Codes - Hidden Energy At Work

There isn't a spiritual practice or divination art on Earth continuing in its original practice from a thousand years ago. We humans just don't work that way.

As time goes on, we tweak, change, shed, or enhance what we have learned and what is introduced.

Zip Codes were not introduced into the United States until 1963. I recall that for years those codes were out there, but we didn't have to use them. In fact, most of the time we ignored the practice all together.

Several years later, zip codes became mandatory. Today, we can't purchase gasoline in the United States with a debit/credit card without inputting our zip code. It's not enough that we use a Pin Number with our cards (more on Pin Numbers later), the Zip Code is another form of protection.

As we continue the regular practice of punching our zip code into a variety of machines, we are stating to the Universe, "this is where I live". Therefore, we are affected by the reduced digit, and how it interacts with our numerical blueprint.

For example, in 1993, I lived in Laramie, Wyoming - 82070. Though "Laramie, Wyoming" breaks down to a 3, 82070 breaks down to an 8 - both of them challenges to my Life Path. I only stayed there 10 months before moving back East. (Laramie was actually a move originated by my late husband, and its particular vibration would have worked quite nicely for him.)

Today, I am located in a 5 location, with a zip that breaks down to 6. 5 is a natural vibration to my Life Path, and provides more stimulus to my life. It spells out change, and this move has definitely provided that function.

The 6 of this city's zip is identical to my Destiny Number, and I've discovered people continuously gravitate to their Destiny Number as they grow older. After all, it's a number we are here to accomplish.

The next time you're keying in a numerical code at a banking, gasoline, or debit/credit card machine, realize you're calling forth a particular vibration.

What is it and how does it affect your life?