Full Moon of April 11, 2017 – 7 Come 11

There’s nothing like a full moon as the weather warms, and what better month than April? The name exudes color and sunshine.

The Astrologers are predicting a gamble for this upcoming Full Moon. “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”  (A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens, 1859)

It’s going to be about love, relationships, high intuition, artistic endeavors, security and success. We could actually enjoy the results of what we’ve been focusing upon! I would recommend everyone to keep their focus upon their goals and not to become sidetracked.

It’s those hard-hitting aspects of the Sun opposing Uranus, Pluto squaring the Moon, and the Moon opposing Uranus that throws a wrench in the equation. It is recommended that we all take a step back, not fly off the handle, think twice before we speak, and breathe before reacting to situations.

Remaining focused upon our ultimate good will work far better than participating in unproductive behavior. For further astrological information, may I recommend reading the following article: http://astrologyking.com/full-moon-april-2017/

In the Realm of Numerology

When I created the title of this article I didn’t realize just how prophetic it was going to become until I calculated the numbers. Hah! 11 and 7 are both in this Full Moon  numerical vibration.


11 asks us to consider the Highest and Best Good for ourselves. It may not be what others want for us, but you know where you’re headed. Ultimately in this life, you walk your path alone, and in the end, you only have yourself and your dream.

Are you going to give it up?

What is your dream? 7 is the Spiritual Seeker – intuitive, psychic, and the detective. With the 7 and 11 walking hand in hand under this Full Moon, NOW is the time to ask the Divine the hard questions to which you’ve wanted answers. 

Then, grab a tablet. Get quiet. TRUST in yourself or ask for signs. Write down what comes to mind, or what you FEEL within. You don’t need confirmation to what you think and feel. There are no perfect answers, words written across the sky, or a rock bearing a map. Only fear stops us from proceeding towards our future.

This is a powerful combo! Between April 8th and 14th, take the opportunity to commune with the Full Moon energy and above all, TRUST what you feel.