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If They're My Soulmate, Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Numerology defines a Soulmate as someone who shares three numbers in common on your eight category numerical blueprint. They don't have to be in the same category, and you can see an example of this on my past article, "How Does Numerology Define A Soulmate Connection?" 

Matching three numbers sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? It isn't, actually. For example, my numerical blueprint only bears four different numbers due to multiples of various numbers - 1, 4, 7, and 6. That's it. So meeting a Soulmate isn't particularly easy.

As a Numerologist, I also choose to follow the "Law of Four". I'd like to see four numbers in common, but I always tell my clients about the Law of Three and let them choose how they wish to proceed.

As Spring appears in the Northern Hemisphere's near future, the thought of finding that true Soulmate is on many peoples' minds. There's nothing like the sound of the Earth coming alive to have hearts fluttering with the hope of a new love! And for many of all ages, a true Soulmate will enter their lives.

And then perhaps...walk away from their lives. Why? We abhor that feeling of our heart ripped from our chest. 

Rare is the marriage between two Soulmates, and even more rare is "happy ever after."

According to most divination arts, Soulmates create a contract before incarnating into this life. They agree to meet - sometimes under serendipitous circumstances which heightens the belief of "it was meant to be", or sometimes under situations described as "the timing wasn't right".  But the timing was right, and the lesson was provided.

The relationship is electric. We've never met anyone like this before! They do everything just like us. And we cling tightly to each other in hopes of the perfect match. Our heart pounds every time we hear their voice, or receive a text. It's PERFECT! And we are hooked body, heart, and soul.

Then...the lessons begin. You see, if it was anyone other than a Soulmate, we'd kick them to the curb in a heartbeat for the behavior that we are now enduring.

We stay, hurt, mend, try again, revamp, hurt, mend, try again. You know the routine. And it remains as such until one or both of you walk away. Lessons learned on both sides (that's right - BOTH sides). We sit alone with an abundance of pain as a companion, asking, "I wish someone would explain it to my heart." (Sally Fields, Steel Magnolias, 1989)

There are those that have met enough Soulmates in this lifetime (yes, you'll have more than one), to give up that concept. But truthfully, through the gift of free will, it's our choice of what we'd like to experience through relationships.

If your intention is to find someone special this year, and you're hoping for "happy, ever after", you may wish to set your intentions under the New Moon for a loving, Kindred Spirit or Life Partner. Their lives can enrich yours as much as a Soulmate, and you'll have a better chance at longevity.