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It Needs To Leave Your Life - March and April, 2017

Clear The Deck!

During March and April of 2017, we will experience six 5/9 combinations: March 5, 14, 23, April 9, 18, and 27. When the 5 and 9 combine, we have a double whammy of "I've got to deal with this. I've got to move on. I'll never reach my level of success if I hold onto [fill in the blank]."

From personal/business relationships and jobs, to places we live and garages/closets/drawers, we're reviewing what's holding us back. 

Does it have to be dramatic? No. It can be as simple as a desire to eliminate our clutter. According to Feng Shui, hoarding perpetuates a sense of lack in our minds. Thoughts create reality, and eventually we produce lack in our lives. Shedding the stuff we do not need, frees up the energy of wealth to circulate around us.

We instinctively know what's holding us back from attaining our goals. Yet many times, the fear of loss keeps us bound, and ultimately dissatisfied.

If you are in this dilemma, start today (March 5th), start small (the kitchen drawers) and begin shedding that which you don't use, don't need, can't remember what it is, or don't recall the name. Move forward. Begin today.