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Numerology Vibrations for April, 2017 - Personal Years 1 through 9

To find your personal year for 2017, add your birth month, date, and 2017 together. Then, reduce it to one number. For example: If you were born January 25th, you will change the month to a number (January being the 1st month - December being the 12th month) as follows: 1+2+5+2+0+1+7=18; 1+8=9. If your equation adds up to 11 or 22, write it as 11/2 or 22/4.

Personal 1 Year - Personal 5 Month

April will not be the best time for relationships (business or personal), when Loner 1 combines with Freedom Loving 5. It's more of a month for movement! We may change our own personal journey in life, goals that no longer serve us, or the location in which we currently live. Whatever has us chomping at the bit will appear larger than life when we feel we much have it NOW! Go slow this month, Personal Year 1 - all that glitters is not gold.

Personal 2/11 Year - Personal 6 Month

Love is in the air! You don't have to be looking for a new partner to experience the wonder of the 2/6 combo! It's an ideal vibration for marriage proposals, adding an addition to the family, moving in together, or contemplating a job you love! Caring (2) and nurturing (6) is coming to you in doubles and though you may feel you wish to reach out to others, be sure you offer those traits to yourself first!

Personal 3 Year - Personal 7 Month

Artistic communication and the Spiritual Seeker are walking hand in hand during April. If this is your combo, and you're a divination or spiritual worker, chances are that you'll be talking a lot more to your clients. Sharing of ideas, and concepts is right up the 7s alley and discovering new mysteries is conceivable. The psychic ability of 7 will blend with the prophetic gifts of the 3. Trust in your thoughts and gut feelings.

Personal 4/22 Year - Personal 8 Month

There is nothing more powerful when it comes to taking care of business than the 4/8 vibration. Work hard, invest, start a business, begin a home-based business, or accept a new career position. It's yours for the taking. However, you will have to make the decision and take the action. Procrastination is not in the 8's vocabulary. With this intense duo, you'll only feel regret if you don't pursue the opportunities. 

Personal 5 Year - Personal 9 Month

Wrap - It - Up! There's no other combination in Numerology that describes "It's completed" than the 5/9 energy. It's "I'm outta here!" in doubles. Remember, nothing is going to budge you if you don't wish to move forward, but for those that need this vibration, they will find it quite useful. From a bad relationship (either business or personal) to cleaning out the garage of unneeded items, we'll be looking harshly at everything and everyone in our lives.

Personal 6 Year - Personal 1 Month

The person in the 6 Personal Year can expect to accomplish a myriad of goals and projects in April. The only thing that the 6 will have to consider is the way they address others this month. 6 and 1 can turn into the bullying parent and that generally doesn't help in negotiations. April will be an excellent month for taking care (6) of oneself (1). Spring is here! Redesign your hairdo, get a new look, spend the day at a spa, or purchase new outfits. It's time to feel good.

Personal 7 Year - Personal 11 Month

Your psychic abilities will be heightened during the month of April. If you feel you have none, think twice. This month is asking you to contemplate the possibility of how far you can go in the spiritual realms. Hone your skills, read books that may help your progress, and find a way to meet your Guides (if you haven't already). Surf the web and Google the divination information that can help you on this path. Above all, trust your gut feelings this month!

Personal 8 Year - Personal 3 Month

Whatever you do for work (whether self-employed or working for another), communication will be a valuable key in April. Want that promotion? Find out what you need to obtain the position and sign up. Take the advice of a supervisor who may aim you in the right direction. Self-employed individuals should take this opportunity to advertise, particularly by word of mouth (3). Invest in an ad campaign through radio (3), or begin your own professional YouTube channel. In both! (8) This is not a month of sitting back as ACTION is the 8's middle name.

Personal 9 Year - Personal 4 Month

The 9 and 4 are not necessarily the greatest of friends, but in Numerology, we can find something that they all share. The 9 and 4 both love their homes, but they differ on how it should be occupied. This month, start the DIY projects (4). Perhaps your home took a hit in the winter cold. Begin the necessary repairs to keep it in shape. Decorate the outside with either touch-up paint, or new landscaping. Create a Priority List and widdle away at it as the month proceeds. You'll be happy you did.