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Venus Retrograde and The Return of The Red, Hot Lover!

Listen to any of your favorite astrologers, and you'll discover that some of us are destined over the next six weeks to hear from the one that "got away".

During this retrograde through April 15, 2017, Venus will be stirring and kicking up all sorts of feelings. One of them may be a lover that still makes you melt while thinking, "What the heck did I do?"

If you're in this category, remember this. There is a reason they're an Ex.

You might still look at their photo and ache for days gone by. You may know within, there is a part of you that will love them until your dying breathe. That doesn't mean anyone or the situation changed.

Did you improve, or contemplating settling? Perhaps they've changed into what you needed? Probably not.

A return to what was usually produces more "what was" after a short reunion celebration.

You may wish to keep this in the back of your mind if you receive that call or message. It's not that it can't happen, but a HUGE amount of honesty and conversation will need to take place this year in order to mend the past.

In the meantime, consider giving to yourself the attention you deserve through this emotional roller-coaster. You don't deserve peanuts.