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May 10 - Full Moon in Scorpio VS Numerology

Full Moons always herald in a time of shedding, and the Full Moon at 20 degrees Scorpio on May 10 will be no different. 
Be sure to check out where 20 degrees Scorpio lands on your natal chart to see what type of relationship will be your particular focus.
I know that we all talk a lot about shedding certain relationships. But as you know, contacts that bring you down, fill your environment with negativity, or wish to hold you back from fulfilling your dreams, do not help you move forward. And it appears that 2017 is giving all of us numerous opportunities to change those that surround us.
Here is comes again! With the Moon sextiling Pluto and the Sun trining Pluto on May 10th, we are being asked to reevaluate this category one more time. These can be personal, business, community, neighbors, or the most important one of all - with yourself. Are you happy with that one?
When you wake up in the morning, what are your immediate thoughts about those around you or yourself? Start now to own up to what you already feel and know.


In the realm of Numerology, May 10th vibrates with the numbers 1/6/7*. It's a cerebral energy analyzing everything on the planet, and a solitary combination encouraging us to take time for contemplation.
Within, we know the answers. In fact, with the 1 and 7, there is no doubt to what the outcome should be, and the 1 is ready to carry it out. We just need to focus (1) intently on what we want, and trust our high intuition (7).
Under this Full Moon, write down all the habits, situations, and relationships you are ready to release, take your paper to a safe burn place, and burn the paper to ash. Then, allow the Universe to carry out the plan while you cooperate.
Don't worry about exact timing on a Full Moon Release Ritual because as with all moon aspects, you have 3 days before and after (May 7 - 13th) to enjoy the gifts the moon offers.
For all things we shed in life, the Source of Creation is prepared to fill it with new and far better plans!