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New Moon of May 25, 2017 Vs. Numerology - Is She/He Good For You?

Don't you love it when you're researching the energy of the upcoming new or full moon, and discover "there are no significant aspects to this moon phase"?

But unfortunately, that's just about it when it comes to the New Moon of May 25, 2017.

Sitting at 4 degrees Gemini, it's really not aspecting,,,anything. However, New Moons are fantastic for setting intentions for new projects and goals. What will be yours? Write them down and recite them to the Universe that day.

Let's talk about one aspect that will be noticeable - Venus squaring Pluto. It's no surprise that you're reading another article on relationships. 2017 seems to be filled with reassessing the folks we hang out, or work with - both in Astrology, and Numerology.

Successful business people will tell you to review the 10 people that surround you. If they bring themselves down, discourage you at every turn, or live in fear of progress, they'll drag you down with them.

Nothing (including relationships) lasts forever. Where do you wish to be in ten years - ten years ahead, or still wishing and hoping? Limitations and boundaries may become necessary within your circles of family and friends if you wish to attain your goals.

In the Realm of Numerology

May 25th offers us the vibration of 7/3/22*. It's also asking us to research and explore for our highest and best good. Using your intuition and gut feelings, explore the avenues you want to manifest in your life.

Looking for a new relationship? It's time to figure out what you want. Write it down and spell it out. Do not pursue relationships that don't match what you visualize for your life.

Do you want a new job? Put in the time and effort to accomplish it. Shut down the distractions in your life, limit your interactions with naysayers, and place your energy into accomplishing this goal. Talk to people. Spread the word. Apply. 

22 is the Master Teacher and Student. It's an action vibration and does not wait for someone else to do it. Dig. Research. Observe. Write. Place calls. Make appointments. Follow your heart.