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August 7th Partial Eclipse Vs. Numerology - Who Stays-Who Goes?

The full moon's partial eclipse on August 7, 2017 focuses once again on relationships, whether they are personal, business, and/or community. 2017 truly appears to be shaking up our environment in an attempt to ready us for the next nine years (numerology).

Once again the question is, "Who Stays? Who Goes?" We are creatures that don't enjoy change, but staying where we no longer belong has to be addressed with this partial eclipse.

As the Sun will still be conjuncting Mars during this time, emotions can be brewing under the scenes. And with the Moon in Aquarius, we'll have a tendency to let it bubble away from view. The wise individual will recognize the challenge, acknowledge how it affects their life, and allow the changes to occur in a healthy, realistic manner.

We all know what needs to be reconstructed in our walk. We don't always want to admit it, but the knowledge lies within us. If it is unclear to you, take a look at your natal chart and find the 15th degree of both Leo and Aquarius. These two houses will give you a clue to what you'll address.

In The Realm of Numerology

Our Numerical Vibrations for August 7, 2017 will be 7/6/7*. With the double 7s, we'll have a tendency to be real hermits that day! Mystery, detective work, observation, spirituality, intuition, psychology, and divination are the main topics of this number.

Double 7s will also have many of us asking the big questions of life. Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Why was I created? Am I following the path I was destined for?  Yet, for the 7, it's about having Faith. Look within. Feel the response.

While we are contemplating the answers, the day's energy wishes us to focus on the 6 - relationships. We all know that we surround ourselves with those we feel most comfortable. "Comfortable" doesn't always move us forward, particularly when those individuals wish us to stay in their comfort zone.

Abusive and/or dead personal relationships, do not bring us value. Staying with others out of anxiety or fear is not healthy, and places a real barrier in our life's journey.

If you are one of these individuals, take a page from the 7, and spend time around the eclipse getting professional advice, surfing the web, and/or planning how your life can improve and flourish. Make a plan. Place a call. Get an appointment. Take a step. You deserve it!