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New Moon Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 Vs Numerology

Living in the United States, the anticipation and hype of the upcoming solar eclipse is a daily event.

Maps appear online each day enticing us to see just how much sunlight we will lose in those two minutes. It's great fun!

Occurring at 28 degrees of Leo, look at your natal chart, and you'll discover which house (and attributes) the eclipse will influence most. Don't immediately assume it's a time of negativity. This could be a gift from Heaven!

Another aspect that is astrologically agreed upon is that Mars will be sitting at 20 degrees of Leo. Lending assertiveness to the bold personality of Regulus (also aspecting this eclipse), and Uranus trining the event, it's time to anticipate enthusiastic change for the better. And if that betterment doesn't come immediately, we have a six month window to work with this energy.

Personally, what would you like to change in your life? Here's your opportunity to roll up your sleeves and give it your best shot.

Communications can become dicey, without forethought as to what we sound like. Personal buttons can get pushed, and conversations can ensue that can not be taken back. If we speak too quickly without thought, change may come about that we had not planned.

It's our responsibility to govern the words we share.

In The Realm Of Numerology

Sitting in the 2017 month of doubles, August 21st vibrates with the energy of 3/11/3. Not only will it enhance communication and networking, but we are encouraged to focus on the 11 - the Master Visionary. 

The Master Visionary 11 asks us to enlighten, inspire, motivate, and encourage ourselves and everyone we meet. However, with the double 3s, there will be many who'll choose gossip and criticism over spreading confidence and hope.

Again, it's our responsibility to govern the words we share. And as we see, this is an aspect shared by both belief systems.

Without the eclipse, this typical day would be fantastic to work on communications, networking, all manner of artistry, sales, advertising, playfulness, travel, and spending time with your children. With the eclipse, it will only enhance what you focus upon -  particularly in the above categories.

Take this opportunity ahead of time to decide how this solar eclipse will bring you positive results, astrologically and numerically. Design a plan, and then make that your focus for the next 6 months. Even if it starts out bumpy, it may be a blessing in disguise!