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The July 23rd New Moon in Leo Vs. Numerology - Energy In Action!

The New Moon of July 23rd, 2017 will occur at 0 degrees Leo. It will not only feature Mars squaring Uranus, but the New Moon will conjunct Mars.

With those two planets in great debate, we can expect more controversy, words spoken in ill-will, and flying off the handle among those who choose to react. We can also note that Leo (Mars, Moon) and Aries (Uranus) will dominate these aspects, adding to the fiery attitudes. 

However, we can certainly look at this time differently and realize that there is great value in the enhanced energy! What a great opportunity to harness this vibration and turn it into something constructive. 

What are your goals and plans? Instead of using your words and actions to criticize, argue, and/or bring others down, weave these emotions into a personal plan for moving forward. From July 20th through the 26th, just imagine how much you can apply towards accomplishment!

Granted, you may have to place boundaries on what you read on social media, what you observe on TV, and who you might entertain at home. Those who wish to hold you back, do not have your best interest in mind, and continual negative news does not build confidence or encourage action.

In the Realm of Numerology

July 23rd, 2017 brings the vibration of 5/3/22*.

In enters the Master Teacher (22). We will not only be asked to embrace change (5) for the better, but to bring motivation, determination, inspiration, and enlightenment to our plans (22). Are you ready? 

No one can do it for you, but keeping this combination in mind, do you not deserve to move forward with great enthusiasm? Do it!

Take a step. Make a call. Make an appointment. Purchase the item needed to complete the goal. Seek advice and judge accordingly. Pack a box. Donate. Sign up for a class. Submit your resumes. Take the day to work on your plan. Expect change. Expect results.

There are so many that have the attitude of "take baby steps", which can be more of a procrastination tactic. The 5, 3, and 22 are not vibrations of procrastination and taking baby steps. They are numbers of boldness (22) and movement (3, 5).

If truth be known, you've been thinking about this for a long time, haven't you? Do it or don't do it. It will be your choice.

Under the energy of the New Moon, write down on a piece of red paper (or in red ink), all the plans you want to accomplish. You may even wish to use a small piece of paper for each goal. Then, save them in a favored box or container until the next New Moon in August.

Then, begin taking action!