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Why Should I Use Numerology To Find My Answers?

Numerology is an ancient art form (600+ bc) that believes all things in nature (people, places, and things) vibrate with a mathematical vibration. Depending on its energy and your Unique Numerical Blueprint, you will discover that you'll either be attracted to, or repelled by everything in your environment.

On the day you were born, the various combinations of your full name, and birth date, provided you with the map required to understand

  • what you are here to accomplish (destiny in life),
  • what specific gift you were given from Day 1 to start this life and use to your benefit,
  • what jobs were designed for your personal success,
  • if you are a money magnet or a money detractor,
  • who are your Soul Mates,
  • the variety of places in the world that vibrate naturally with you,
  • what will be your "job" during the second half of your life,
  • and so much more!
The best part of Numerology is that few numbers in your Blueprint will ever change. Your individual map was created to take the guess work out of your life's journey. And though some events will bring variety to your life, your Life Path, Destiny, and Maturity numbers are the same today as they were on the day you were born!

Having learned Numerology from my grandmother years ago, I have had the privilege to professionally create and read thousands of charts over the past 38 years. I can’t imagine doing anything else, and it would be an honor to translate your unique Numerical Blueprint.

At 1 Woman’s Wisdom, readings start the day before your appointment when your charts and worksheets are emailed to you. You will not be paying for my time to prepare your charts during a session which saves you time and money.

Another feature that I extend to my clients is that you will be given three additional days AFTER the reading to email me in search of clarity over something we discussed, or to ask the question you forgot.

We have all had readings whereby two hours later we remembered a question that we really wanted to know! At 1 Woman's Wisdom, you'll be allowed to email me back and ask, at no additional charge.
It is important to me that you return home with the tools you need to make those important life decisions. 

Please feel free to continue reviewing my web pages and thank you for visiting!

Cheryl Patton is an author, professional Numerologist with 38 years experience, and teacher. Stationed in the plains of South Dakota, she presently travels the United States with her pet companions, freelance writing on various topics, and reading for various groups and individuals. You never know where she will show up next!