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Creating The Perfect House Vibration
Utilizing the Art of Numerology (Patton, 2011)

The Divine Integration of Numerology and Tarot
Unleashing a More Powerful Reading (Patton, 2017)

Are you a Tarot or Numerology Reader that wishes to combine Tarot and Numerology together? Now, you can! Create more powerful readings for yourself or your clients with these easy steps.
To Be Released in 2017 Through

Beginning Numerology
Discovering The Vibrations Of Your Life(2nd Edition, 2017)

This e-Book is a compilation of my original 6 week online course. Discover your unique Numerical Blueprint, what it means, and how to create a variety of compatibility charts for love, financial success, jobs, addresses, cities for relocation, and more!
Revision for 2017 - Coming Soon!