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Numerology or Numerology-Tarot Mentorship Program - 6 Months or 1 Year

Do you love Numerology and want to better understand yourself and your life path?

Perhaps you would eventually enjoy training students of your own?

Then you've come to the right place!

This course is designed for one-on-one learning, whether you wish to enhance your personal knowledge, or become a Numerology teacher.

We will focus on your needs to learn Numerology, or the art of Numerology-Tarot combined (your choice).
Each month, you will receive: 3 hours of one-on-one private instruction.

You may choose between two 1 ½ hour sessions, or three 1 hour sessions per month.

Other benefits include a personal 60 minute Numerology-Tarot reading each month.
Each class is conducted by telephone or Skype (Skype will be used for overseas mentorship).

Together, we will work to deepen and strengthen your knowledge of Numerology by developing an individualized study plan just for you
Each program is tailored for your needs taking into account your Numerology background and goals, your special interests, and where you would like to take your new skills.
I feel that one of the best ways to learn is by doing and this is how I teach. We will work together to decide on the best way for you to learn, and we will customize a program that best suits you.
Please click here to contact me for more information regarding terms and pricing.